Ellie enjoyed the course it has helped her confidence in modelling and has inspired her further .Ellie would love to take it up as a career and the course has allowed her hopes of being a model to continue to be pushed forward. She loved working as a team with the other girls. I was very impressed with the whole event and the way the girls professionally held themselves. A very good course for everyone who want to fulfil their dreams!!

PARENT of Ellie Moyle

I really enjoyed!!! I have learnt a lot during the time spent with you guys and would love to come back again to do an advanced course! Thank you for everything  I have made some new friends and my confidence has gone up so much.

Rachel Guy


The course was a very enjoyable experience which made me improve and work uppn my weaker points. It has really made me appreciate modelling as an art form and has given me the drive to take part in the modelling world professionally. Thank you so much for a great experience!!

Laura- May Williams

Rachel thoroughly enjoyed her modelling course. She has been ill the last couple of years and I believe this course has really boosted her self confidence and positive feeling about herself. Thank you providing Rachel with this excellent opportunity she has gained lots of motivation and i am very grateful for your course.


Nick Guy Parent Of Rachel

The course has built the girls confidence and given them a good idea of what the modelling industry is like. Thank you!!!


Tracey Lewis Parent

I really loved this course and felt it has really improved my confidence. I have learnt new skills that I will use in every day life as well as applying to my modelling! I met lots of new friends and enjoyed the experience so much!!


Emma Bolton


Thank you so much for an awesome introduction to the modelling world. This has really given me a boost. I hope to get more involved with modelling in the future!!

Caitlin Byers

Laura my daughter has thoroughly enjoyed the course. It’s given her an amazing insight to the industry!! Many Thanks.


Dawn Williams

I found the course very insightful and informative of the modelling industry, the professional training and guidance really helped in improving my skills and confidence as a model!!

Jon Pinch

 I really enjoyed the course it builds up your confidence and it is what I would love to do in the future. It's worth every penny. Thank you Lee & Brian. I would also love to come back again.

Ellie Moyle


What i brilliant confidence boost for all involved. Parents, friends and family have the pleasure of watching a fabulous mini fashion show which enables us to see what the students have learnt and how they have progressed. The students posture was fantastic which is sadly a rarity. Well Done!!!! 

Nicola Horgan, Family member of student


I really enjoyed viewing what had been taught. It was obvious that all had worked extremely hard. The course improved confidence and was also enjoyable for students. Thank you so much Lee & Brian!!!


Emma -Jayne Walker, Parent


Students showed outstanding confidence. They walked well with beautiful posture and focus. Well done to students and teachers!!


Lynda Horgan, Student family member


I am a very proud Grandparent. Today the short show displayed a lot of promise for their modelling future. They have gained confidence and it showed in the way they walked and held themselves. Best of luck for the future!!

Grandparent of students


I really enjoyed the show, i think the models have worked really hard and it shows in their walk and poses.


Leah Walker, Sister of students